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KIT-CONTRARM-2  Wireless/wired alarm system for garages

KIT-CONTRARM-2 is and alarm system wireless/wired for the protection of small areas (example: garages, basements, etc.). Formed by a unique device that works as alarm control panel and outdoor siren, the system manages up to 6 wireless peripheral devices ( sensors + activators) + 1 wired zone with auto-arming function, it is to say the automatic activation of the system when door contact is closed (connected for example to a magnetic contact on the entry door). The system is deactivated by means of the remote control included in the kit.

2 seconds entry delay, 10 seconds exit delay, 60 seconds alarm time. The system is battery-powered with a 9v alkaline battery pack. but it suppots also an outdoor power supply at 9Vdc.

Kit composed by:

  • 1 alarm control panle with 6 wireless zones with on-board siren CONTRARM-2
  • 1 remote control TXS-M