CE 60-8 GSM

Mar 8, 2016   //   by shark   //   Anti-Intrusion, Panels, Products and Systems  // 

CE 60-8 GSM Supervised bidirectional wireless/wired control panel

* 60 zones for wireless sensors + 8 wired zones on-board.
* Up to 16 wireless/wired activators.
* Ideal for small-medium dimensions installations.
* Alphanumeric backlit LCD display.
* Wide range of customizations of the system (entry/exit  delay, pre-alarm, low intensity alarm for outdoor sensors, open door, anti-blinding, customization of names of all wireless and wired peripheral devices). 100 events memory.
* 3 activation modes (1 total + 2 partial) by wireless keyboard, proximity keys, remote controls, key inputs, SMS messages or call with voice menu selection.
* Voice alert function with recordable messages associated to first 30 wireless zones, by voice amplified module mod. AMP (not included).
* 24h technological detector management.
* New simplified menu of bidirectional peripheral devices management .
* Complete range of outputs for sirens or other external devices.
* GSM voice dialler integrated (8 telephone numbers) for SMS and/or voice calls recordable by the user.
* Contact-ID events sending [SIA-DC09] by GPRS data network towards compatible IP receivers or Duevi receiver (mod. Vigilant).
* Complete remote management by SMS or direct call with voice menu answer and selection of DTMF tones commands.
* Remote management App “Duevi Alarm” for Smartphone Android and iOS (downloadable from official markets).
* Environmental listening by remote.
* Magnetodynamic siren integrated on-board.
* Thermostat function for heating system checking by remote by SMS (probe mod. TEMP optional).
* Plastic case in ABS.
* Firmware upgradable by USB
* Programming by 3 buttons panel or by PC Windows software with onboard USB connector.