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KAPTURE Dual Technology Curtain sensor with ANTIMASKING


KAPTURE is the new double technology outdoor detector designed for the perimeter curtain protection of buildings.

The detection, with range up to 12m, is ensured by the combination of a passive infrared element and a latest generation 24GHz pulsed microwave transceiver.

Equipped with protections antimasking, anti-opening and anti-removal (with inclinometer), it can be mounted at a reccomended height between 2 and 4m.

The angular bracket (included) allows the inclination of the sensor in max-height installations.

Digital Analysis Algorithm (DUALSENSE)

The signal of the single heads is analyzed by a digital algorithm specially developed to guarantee a fast, accurate and reliable curtain detection – ensuring the full efficiency of the sensor even in the most difficult environments.

BT wireless walk-test and programming

The calibration of the sensor is simple and immediate: a single trimmer adjusts the sensitivity of infrared and microwave. The sensor also allows more adjustments through the use of the App VIEW SENSOR on mobile device in BT wireless connection (BT-LINK-S module optional), with the further advantage of view in real time the detection activity during the walk-test in the protected area.

Active Antimasking

KAPTURE integrates an active infrared anti-masking system that readily detects any attempts to mask the sensor.

Automatic temperature compensation

The sensor automatically adjusts the detection parameters to the outside temperature.

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