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MOSKITO+ Outdoor detector with infrared triple barrier

MOSKITO+ is a sensor that protects the perimeter of the building with an effi ciency never seen before.
The detection is ensured by the combination of six passive infrared heads, arranged on three sides, each with its own sensitivity adjustment.
It can be mounted at a height of 1.00m / 1.40m.

Double side protection.

A double IR barrier at the sides of the detector protects doors and windows for a length of 12+12meters.

The detection zones can be adjusted completely independently, both for geometry (lower head vertically orientable) and for sensitivity (trimmer).

Frontal protection.

Two additional IR heads ensure detection in front area of the sensor with 180° opening and range up to 5m (sensitivity adjusted by trimmer), avoiding possible bypass of the lateral protection.

Programmable alarm logic.

The two detection sides can be combined with the front one by the Antibypass function: once detected a movement on the front, the detection of a single lateral head will trigger an alarm.

Active Antimasking.

MOSKITO+ integrates an active infrared antimasking system that readily detects any attempts to mask the sensor.

Wireless BT Walk-Test and Programming.

MOSKITO + allows to perform walk-test and programming completely independent for each side – walking on the detection fi eld – through the APP VIEW SENSOR on mobile device in BT wireless connection (optional BT-LINK-S module)

Automatic temperature compensation

The sensor automatically adjusts the detection parameters to the outside temperature.

Three different versions available: wireless, wired and universal to connect to other wireless systems.

* 6 infrared pir heads in a unique detector
* Curtain protection on perimeter wall
* Frontal volumetric protection
* Mounting high from 100cm to 140cm
* Active Antimasking Feature
* Independent Walk Test for each side
* Wireless BT Walk-Test and Programming
* APP View Sensor
* Temperature from -40°C up to +70°C
* Anti-vandal level IK10

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