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PEPINO Dissuader with nebulization of irritating gas

Pepino is a dissuading system with a nebulization of irritating gas able to saturate in only few seconds an area up to 30m2.

The nebulized gas is a no-greasy chilly pepper based gas that causes irritation on skin and mucosa, cough, lacrimation, heavy abundance of mucus and intense burning sensation, persuading the intruder to leave immediately the area.

Chilly pepper spray is absolutely non-toxic and its use is permitted in several many European countries.

Gas is emitted by disposable spray of 20ml (with an efficacy for 5 years) located inside the device.

Pepino can be connected by wire to an alarm control panel.

Gas diffusion occurs only after the activation of the three different wired inputs (control panel armed, alarm start and additional confirmation of a sensor close to the nebulizer or of the IR sensor onboard), avoiding any gas nebulization due to wrong practice by the users.

Pepino represents an efficient and immediate solution to fast theft attempts and is the ideal solution for the protection of:

* Banks
* Video Poker
* Automatic vendors
* Petrol stations
* Campers, caravans and transport vehicles in general
* Houses
* Garage
* Attics
* Industry
* Post offices
* Commercial activities