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PHOTON professional high security infrared barriers

The PHOTON Infrared Intrusion Detection System has set a new standard for all active infrared barriers on the market today, awarded as “Most innovative product” during then Detector International Award 2007 in Stockholm.

The PHOTON System is called “The Great Small Barrier” for a good reason. Each tower can provide a 80 meters of intrusion detection coverage – while physically measuring just over 28mm wide.

The PHOTON system provides maximum protection while reducing false alarms typically associated with active infrared systems. Unlike conventional systems, the PHOTON Infrared Barrier System can be set up in minutes, thanks to the convenient test unit and various features of the barriers.

The test unit is a portable device that accurately aligns and verifies the correct positioning of the infrared beams, which can move 180° with a single rotation of the mechanism ROTAX.

There is no barrier on the market more reliable, discrete and effective.

TECHNOLOGY RUNS ON TWO WIRES. Bus RS485.                                                                                                     There is only two simple wire connections between all devices of the system, allowing them to exchange all data with high-speed bi-directional communication, without environmental or electromagnetic interferences.

BLINDING IS JUST AN OLD MEMORY. Contrasting double transmission technology. Each column is intergrated with both transmitting and receiving infrared optics, all absolutely identical to eachother. Each set creates a virtual wall consisting of bi-directional IR beams. This assures effective immunity to the blinding sunlight, ensuring reliable installation in harsh environment.

NO MORE UNWANTED ALARMS. Redundant technology.                                                                                              This the redundant technology tests all four of the rays of each beam simultaneously, eliminating unwanted alarms caused by passing insects, birds or small objects, like leaves.

ONLY THE POWER NEEDED. Self-adjusting modulation.
The transmitters power can be adjusted by the user according to the distance between the columns. However a control system automatically adjusts the modulation of the power to adapt to the environment and climatic conditions.

SUITABLE FOR ANY ENVIRONMENT. Rugged,  waterproof and elegance.
A anluminum body wrapped in a special polycarbonate casing and a IP65b certified waterproof  level giving to Photon excellent qualities of strength and protection from environmental agents. The elegant design and the reduced dimensions make it perfect for locations where a low visual impact is required.

NOTHING SIMPLER TO INSTAL. Simple and quick installation.
Only a 4 wired cable connects all columns. All beams of one column move at the same time from  +90° a -90° with only a single rotation (certified system ©ROTAX), for a versatile installation and fast beam alignment.  A dedicated tester helps the precision of the alignment of each beam and the meticulous diagnosis of problems.

The numerous versions available (range 25-50-80m, height 60-110-160-210cm) guarantees a modular configuration that suits any requirements needed, with the possibility to mount individual sections, adjacent , side by side, crossed or piled.

EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL WITH A CLICK. Remote management and analysis.
A hub device controls and synchronizes infrared beams.  Four barriers. The hub is equipment with inputs/outputs to interface to any control panel. A PC (with dedicated software) connects to the hub in few seconds and allows you to verify and record the activity of each beam system.

DISTANCES ARE NOT A LIMIT ANYMORE. Multiple synchronization HUB.
In large protection systems, it is possible to install up to 32 barriers in the same environment using a synchronizing device (SYNC). SYNC is able to synchronize up to 8 HUBTC without any interference between different beams. This means that it is possible to set up a linear protection up to 2.6 km length, formed by 1024 infrared beams, without restrictions on the positioning of  each single column of the system, because they are all synchronized!

Beams inter-axis 25 cm
Intensity reduction for Alarm 80% for 500ms (ONLY ONE BEAM)
80% for 100ms (AT LEAST  2 BEAMS)
[times are adjustable just by HUBTC]
Intensity reduction for disqualification 70% for 10 seconds
IR wavelength 950 nm

Impermeability level

De-pressurizers 2 valves GORETEX®
Tamper 2 anti-opening+2 anti-removal
Signalling 2 leds (alarm and tamper)
Horizontal alignment Continuous axial rotation +/-90°
Power supply 9÷16 Vdc (100mA MAX each column)
Output Full duplex RS485
Operative temperature EB xx/xx/x            0°C ÷ 60°C
EB xx/xx/x/R     -20°C ÷ 60°C

Photon beam Adjustment

Breaking of the beams

Monitor Software