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TSR2 outdoor dual technology sensor

TSR2 is a device capable of bi-directionaly interfacing any wired control panel to wireless DUEVI sirens. Powered directly from the control panel, the TSR is equipped with a transmitter / receiver that can send and receive reports from the SIRRA-NT and SIRRB-NT sirens. It has 2 wire inputs (system status and alarm status), transforming any change made to these inputs, into a radio transmitted command of the siren. It also has 2 wired outputs (tamper and low battery) that are activated when a radio commanded signal is transmitted to the siren.

Power supply 10÷14 Vdc
RF frequency
433,92 MHz (100m in open air)
Wire input 1 for system status + 1 for alarm status
Wire output 1 for tamper siren + 1 for low battery siren
Radio transmission Activate/Deactivate control panel
Alarm start/ Alarm end
Tamper / Low battery