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New sensor MONOLITH

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MONOLITH, the high performance outdoor sensor that simplifies installation

Duevi is pleased to announce the availability of the new MONOLITH outdoor sensor.

MONOLITH is an outdoor volumetric sensor with a range of 15 meters, created with the aim of combining detection reliability and ease of installation.
The detection is entrusted to several sensitive elements with different technologies – 2 passive infrared heads and one 24GHz planar microwave head (present only on the DT model) – which are combined and constantly verifi ed by efficient validation algorithms.
The refined and modern design complete the exceptional technical characteristics.
MONOLITH can be mounted at a height from ground of 120cm (with pet immunitiy) or 220cm.

Internal movement
The sensor does not need any external orientation. The PIR and microwave detectors inside are mounted on a single block that can be rotated left and right.
In this way it is possible to generate a protection with 100° opening within a total section of 210°. The PIR lenses can also be moved vertically by steps to precisely define the maximum detection distance.

Pet immune
MONOLITH is equipped with PET IMMUNE technology which eliminates unwanted alarms caused by small animals up to 80cm high (maximum mounting height 1.3m).

Total anti-sabotage protection.
MONOLITH integrates an advanced active infrared anti-masking system that promptly detects any attempts to mask the sensor. The sensor is also equipped with an accelerometer for tamper protection against bumps and removing attempts.
Through the APP it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the antimask, its exclusion with temperature below 0° C and the sensitivity of the tamper sensor.

Digital analysis algorithms.
The signal of the individual heads is analyzed by new digital analysis algorithms, capable of validating an intrusion with precision and reliability.

Simple and effective adjustment.
MONOLITH is very simple to put into operation. Once the sensor is fi xed at the desired height, simply rotate the heads mono-block and move the PIR lenses according to the size of the area to be protected.
Finally, the new digital LED programming system allows you to adjust the sensor functions in a few seconds without using trimmers or dip-switches.

BT wireless walk-test and programming
For an even more convenient and precise adjustment, MONOLITH allows
you to perform walk-tests and complete programming on the detection fi eld via the VIEW SENSOR APP installed on an Android mobile device in direct wireless BT connection with the sensor (optional BT-LINK-S module required).

Temperature compensation
The sensor automatically adapts the detection parameters to the outside

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